Wearing: Layered and Laced





lace top: urban outfitters (last seen here), shorts: target

Fresh from our honeymoon in tropical Belize, I find myself stuck in the sticky heat wave that tends to happen during a New Jersey summer. I really just want to wear my hair in a huge bun, throw on a sun dress, and sit in front of the air conditioner. No way do I have any motivation to look cute. Then I remembered this lace top I scooped up years ago in the sale section of Urban Outfitters. That sale section almost makes my organization-crazy soul cry but every so often it’s worth it when I find something as pretty as this. With people already starting to talk about fall and layers, my solution is some light and breezy summer layers. Even if they’re humid and gross, summer days are still my favorite and I’m going to hold onto them for as long as possible.

The weatherman is promising me that the humidity will give us a small break this weekend, hurray! Currently we have no plans for the weekend which is a complete shocker since our summer weekends tend to be booked solid. I think we were just living for the wedding and honeymoon and now they’re over so…what are we going to do now?! I think it might be time for some newlywed adventures! I’ll report back on Monday if we get more motivated to do anything besides read books on the beach.

Back to a New Reality


Today stretches out before me completely wide open. No crafts to finish, no appointments to rush off to, no more wedding planning. I finished that chapter of my life almost two weeks ago when Nick and I (finally) said “I do”.

It truly was the best and most beautiful day of my life. Despite spending thirteen months planning every detail from the bridesmaid bouquets to the napkins, I had no expectations for how it would turn out. I hoped that everything would come together the way I imagined it and it did, some things even better than I prepared for. There were several hiccups, like the speeches being moved around and dancing starting later than I wanted, but those things are minor when it comes down to the whole beautiful day. I felt calm and happy all day, even when it poured all morning and the heat bumped up to a sweaty humid ninety degrees. I was a calm bride because I knew I was marrying my best friend and got to spend the day with all the people I love. Cheesy yes, but one hundred percent true.

Now we’re back to reality though a new reality than the one before July 18th. I have a husband now and we’re ready to continue to build a future together. I’m not sure if anything big has changed for me just yet but I’m really excited to see what’s to come in our year of being newlyweds.

Sixteen Things You Never Knew About Me But Now You Do

Wearing: The Bubbly Bride

The following used to be on my “About Me” page but I’m *slowly* trying to revamp that. I loved this post too much to let it go so instead I’m putting it up here. Enjoy!

Sixteen things you probably never wanted to know about me but now you do:

1. Sixteen is my favorite number for no reason. Well, it might be from my love of the movie Sixteen Candles and Jake Ryan and the movie’s ability to get me through the roughest of times just being a “normal” person. And yes, there are 16 items on this list because I love the number 16. Duh.

2. I have a very healthy pride for my home state of New Jersey. Jersey, the Dirty Jerz, the Garden State, call it what you will (except the armpit of the United States because we’re over it already) I am continually surprised by this lovely state of mine at every turn.

3. I’m an elementary teacher through and through. I love my kiddos and going back to grad school to pursue my certification was the best decision I ever made.

4. I wasn’t always the crafty and colorful elementary school teacher you see today; I graduated from college in 2009 with a degree in Art History and Historic Preservation. Okay sure it wasn’t the most useful degree but I got to study what I love and it kept my eyes wide open to the beauty in this world.

5. I’m always featuring the fun local travels I have here on the blog but I have an ever expanding list of abroad destinations. Greece, Turkey, southern France, Denmark, Cambodia, and Turks and Caicos are just a few. I grew up with the travel bug and thank my parents every day for our family adventures.

6. I’m also a huge fan of exploring the U.S. What an amazing country we live in! Nick and I have visited Las Vegas, Austin, Massachusetts, Georgia, and D.C. to name a few since we started dating. Colorado, California, and Chicago are next up on the list.

7. It is my core belief that there is a perfect purpose for every shoe. Which is probably why Nick has about a quarter of the floor space in our walk-in closet.

8. My Starbucks order: a grande chai tea latte. Hot. Every time. Even in the middle of August.

9. I will always love Coca Cola. Not Diet Coke, not Coke Zero, straight up sugary Coke. It will be a lifelong battle for me between being healthy and adoring those little red cans.

10. People love to talk to me. No matter where I go, no matter what’s going on, someone strikes up a conversation with me. I want to say it’s my outgoing personality but I am an introvert through and through. But I do love talking to people so come and talk to me!

11. The city of brotherly love is my adopted city. I grew up only 45 minutes from Center City but didn’t fully explore its many charms until 2010. Philly pride…except for the Phillies. I’ll never give up my Yankee love.

12. I drink beer. Actually, to be more precise, I drink craft beer. I’m still mourning the demise of my favorite beer (RIP Philadelphia Brewing Company Rowhouse Red) but I love discovering and trying new beers. Though probably not appropriate for an elementary school teacher, I’d love to spend my summers working at a brewery.

13. Nailpolish is my cat nip. I dare you to find me an Essie nailpolish I don’t like. On a somewhat related note, I don’t like cats.

14. I’m addicted to the beach. Give me the sand, waves, and sunshine any day and I’ll be happy. Summer girl for life.

15. My perfect meal would consist of wood fired pizza and french fries. The healthy life is hard.

16. Saving the best for last: I married my best friend on July 18, 2o15. It was the best day of my life so far! I’m so excited for all the adventures we’re going to have.

Monday Links to Love

The Interestings and Growing Up

* Brides, workaholics, anybody who’s a little bit on the stressed side of life: 3 breathing techniques to reduce stress

* Well, duh: spending money on experiences makes you happier than spending money on things

* Love this Tourist in My Hometown look at London (p.s. I wrote one for Philadelphia a little while ago!)

* This subtly colorful and cozy Midwest home is design inspiration for days

* We’re thinking of planning a Chicago trip in the fall and who better to take recommendations from than Taylor of the Daily Tay

* Though a little pricey for my current budget, the new Philly Brew Tours sound like a great option for visitors who want an easy, fun, in-depth look at the Philadelphia beer scene (or you could just follow me on instagram…)

Wearing: Split Decision

Wearing: Split Decision

Wearing: Split Decision

Wearing: Split Decision

shirt: american eagle, skirt: cynthia rowley via thredup

 My fashion inspiration comes from many different places: other blogs, pinterest, magazines, instagram, people I see on the street. Sometimes I see something on someone that I can’t stop thinking about and I HAVE TO HAVE IT. When I first saw pleated maxi skirts making the rounds I became a girl obsessed. But it’s a lot harder than it looks to find the perfect one! After months of searching, I stumbled across the perfection you see above. Pleated and long AND a colorful “ombre” (is it technically ombre if it’s two different colors?). Now I can rest until I become obsessed over some other style of clothes. Maybe I should learn to make clothes so I can keep my sanity.

We’re still away in Belize on Ambergris Caye (yay, scheduled posts!) but you can follow along with our adventures on instagram, as long as the wifi is working at the resort. Or snapchat (kendallblossoms) where I only post the most ridiculous parts of our journey. Can’t I just spend my life travelling and shopping?!?

No Fail Outfits to Wear Again and Again

Sometimes coming up with new outfits can be exhausting. I like to experiment and come up with something new because that’s what I think fashion is all about. But sometimes I just want to take it easy and not have to think. At the same time I don’t want to give up on looking good just to keep it easy. Which is why I came up with easy no-fail combinations that I can wear again and again AND still get compliments.

No Fail Outfits to Wear Again and Again

1. The fun print dress. I hate when people tell me it’s too much work to wear a dress. How hard is it really? Grab a cotton dress, zip it up, and now you’re fully dressed! Bonus points when you go with a bold print since it looks like you really tried. My favorite is a striped dress; works everywhere, any time.

No Fail Outfits to Wear Again and Again

2. Jeans and a white blouse. Jeans are the ultimate easy, no fail outfit. Unless you’re going somewhere fancy like Le Bec Fin in Philly, when you wear jeans you’re good to go. The simple outfit of jeans on the bottom, white on top is appealing because it’s a blank canvas. You can just wear it alone or spruce it up with accessories. When the weather gets colder, throw on a sweater. No fail, super simple.

No Fail Outfits to Wear Again and Again

3. A knee length skirt with a t-shirt. Just like a dress, a skirt can look glamorous without even intending to. Maybe not glamorous when it’s paired with a t-shirt but at least like you tried. Sometimes this look can be tricky, especially when you’re dealing with a patterned skirt. But I’ve been embracing pattern mixing more and more and everybody should. Just pick out a coordinating color in the pattern and there you go!

No Fail Outfits to Wear Again and Again

4. Colorful or printed shorts with a textured shirt. Again, when you wear prints or add a bit of texture, it looks like a lot of effort…when it really isn’t. Eyelet tops, embroidered tops, anything with texture is easy to pair with something bold on the bottom. Bold bottoms aren’t just reserved for shorts; there are plenty of printed bottoms that look great with simple top.

These four combos are my go-to time and again: when I’m packing for vacation, when I’m running late for an appointment, when I simply don’t know what to wear. Getting dressed should be about making you feel good and NOT stressful!

Monday Links to Love

Small Town NJ: Lambertville

I’m currently recovering from a whirlwind wedding weekend so this Monday will be spent on the couch, with my new husband, with a chai tea latte while doing a quick research of everywhere we should eat and explore in Belize.  Tonight we fly to Houston and tomorrow at the crack of dawn we’ll be in the air to Belize City. Yup, left that honeymoon planning bit to the last minute. I did however schedule a few super amazing blog posts to go up this week so don’t miss me too much, okay? Happy Monday!

* Loved this post about the real hard work and the rewards of living your dreams and opening a bakery

* Something I could never do: being a professional bridesmaid

* How to have structure when you’re a free spirit. I am not a free spirit by any means but I like the idea of having a little balance

* Christine picked out the best posts to give you some serious wanderlust but I would have to include her own blog too!

* How Parisian women and New York women differ, style wise

Wearing: Bride Day Friday

Wearing: Bride Day Friday

Wearing: Bride Day Friday

Wearing: Bride Day Friday

shirt and shorts: J.Crew

Well, it’s here: it’s officially my wedding weekend. Today will be spent getting glamorized with my bridesmaids and Mom then our rehearsal at the church and dinner with our family and friends. Tomorrow is it, the day I’ve spent the better part of a year planning and the day I’ve been imagining for much of my adult life. Whoa, it’s kind of a big deal. But I know who’s standing at the end of the aisle and I cannot wait to meet him there. Here goes nothing!

On a lighter note, it should be crime that I can’t wear this shirt past this weekend. Leave it to J.Crew to create something classic for the bride who does not want rhinestones over all her “bride” clothing. I love the stripes and the subtle gold letters. This outfit is another toe-dip into pattern mixing. Actually I’ve had to because I have a slight addiction to bold or subtle patterns, a.k.a stripes and polka dots and the quirky. I’m late to the pattern mixing train but better late than never. Now that this crazy hectic time is coming to a close I’m looking at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. Let’s see what trouble I can get into now!

Hot, Hot Honeymoon

This time next week I will be on my honeymoon and the excitement is real. I may or may not have been anticipating this trip for most of the wedding planning process (if not before!). Narrowing down where we were going to go was the hardest thing for me because I love to travel and there are just so many places on my wanderlust list. To help me out, I narrowed it down to somewhere tropical with plenty of beach time for me and my new husband to relax. Never being able to make up my mind until I’ve explored all the options, it took awhile before I picked our fabulous destination: Belize. We’ll be spending a week enjoying the sun, the beach, and island life right off the Belizean coast on Ambergris Caye.

While the first part of the honeymoon excitement was picking out where we were going and what we were doing, the second was deciding what to wear. You know I’m all about what to wear.


Honeymoon Style #3


I know very little about Belize except that the country’s residents call it “the Jewel”. Sounds like a ringing endorsement and I need to do some more exploring! This is my dream outfit for a day exploring the seaside restaurants, shops, and hideaways. Light cottons, light colors, and minimal jewelry for a comfortable, simple look.


Honeymoon Style #1


Shhh, don’t tell Nick: I’m looking forward to doing a little shopping on our honeymoon! Some of my favorite items in our house and in my closet were picked up on our travels. A good day is spent strolling through open air markets and talking to locals about their beautiful handmade goods. I’ve already stashed away two maxi dresses for the trip since they’re so easy when you go from shopping to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the bay.


Honeymoon Style #2


As much as I want to explore Belize, I’m looking for some downtime with my new husband after a hectic year of planning. I scored some adorable pom-pom trimmed shorts that have the perfect “I’m on island time” vibe. Also crop tops are slowly becoming something I’m into but I definitely favor the flowy and breezy style like the one above. In my mind I’m already sitting on a beach chair with a frozen cocktail in my hand and a new husband at my side.

Monday Links to Love

Small Town NJ: Stockton and Frenchtown

It is five (!!!) days from my wedding so I cannot guarantee what will happen around here. I’m mostly calm, just super busy. I’m really looking forward to Friday when everything will be delivered to the venue, my out-of-town relatives are here, I get quality time with my bridesmaids, and the wedding weekend begins. Until then, it’s time to tackle this week! Happy Monday!

* I love the idea behind Joy the Baker’s Compliment club and I think we should all join

* Planning your next vacation? Visit the places from your favorite book in real life

* For a beer lover what could be better than staying at the Brewhouse Inn and Suites, housed in the former PBR plant?

* Grey Gardens is fascinating and I love that it’s been restored to it’s former glory

* Holding yourself back in your career in favor of happiness…perfect thoughts on balance and finding your own way

* Nick and I saw an American flag decked out SUV cruising I-95 and discovered the 50 states in 7 days adventure

* Great photos of the China Through the Looking Glass exhibit at the Met